Top 5 Things to Know About the New OLCC Packaging and Labeling Rules

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On June 16th, 2016 the Oregon Liquor Control Commission adopted new rules for recreational and medical cannabis.  Here’s our top 5 things you should know about the new packaging and labeling rules in Oregon:

1. Packaging cannot be attractive to minors

What exactly does this mean?  The OLCC specifies you must avoid cartoons, any design/brand/name that resembles a non-cannabis product that is typically marketed to minors, symbols or celebrities that are used to market to minors, and images of minors.

2. Packaging must be child-resistant

The OLCC states your products must be packaged in a container that is child-resistant as certified by a qualified third party child-resistant package testing firm.

3. The OLCC may require proof of child-resistant certification

The new rules state you must provide proof of child-resistant testing to the OLCC if requested.  Be sure to chose a packaging provider that has documentation of child resistant testing that is performed in accordance with 16 CFR 1700.

4. Packaging for concentrates/edibles/topicals may need to be resealable

If your concentrate or cannabinoid product (edibles/topicals, as defined by the OLCC) contains more than a single serving, it must be packaged in a container or placed in an exit package that is capable of being resealed and made child-resistant again after it has been opened.

Packaging solutions such as pop top bottles, or reverse cap bottles would be ideal for packaging multi-serving products due to the ability to be resealed and made child-resistant again after opening.  Products such as barrier bags, or concentrate containers would need to be placed into a resealable child-resistant exit package to remain compliant under the new rules.

5. Packaging and labeling must be reviewed and approved by the OLCC

If you hold a Producer, Processor, Wholesale, or Retailer license and are packaging and/or labeling products for sale to a consumer, you must receive approval from the OLCC prior to selling your products.

To begin the approval process you must submit an application to the OLCC.  The OLCC will begin accepting applications on August 1st via an improved packaging and labeling applications system.

If you would like a copy of the new rules or need help finding a compliant packaging solution, please contact us at or give us a call at 888-920-5874.  Kush Bottles specializes in branded, child-resistant certified packaging solutions and works collaboratively with the OLCC as a member of its Advisory Committee on Packaging.

To learn more about the packaging and labeling rules, attend an OLCC workshop.  The OLCC will provide a series of workshops across the state of Oregon to provide recreational marijuana licensees and medical marijuana registrants information on new guidelines for packaging and labeling.

Child Resistant Pop Tops
Child Resistant Reverse Cap Bottles
Child Resistant Joint Tubes

How to Package Concentrates: a Solution for Wax, Shatter, Rosin, Oil, Crumble, Budder, and More

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Deciding on a packaging solution for extracts can be a confusing process.  This article will help guide you to a packaging solution that works best for your product, brand, and budget.

Let’s review some of our options for extract packaging:


If you’re looking for a high-end look, go with a glass concentrate container.  Let your beautiful extracts shine in crystal-clear glass.

Works best with:

  • Wax
  • Oil
  • Crumble
  • Budder
  • Moonrocks
5ml Glass Concentrate Container
5ml Glass Concentrate Container
6ml Glass No Neck Concentrate Container
6ml Glass No Neck Concentrate Container


Polystyrene is a good choice for extract packaging due to its rigidity and clarity.  The hard plastic is sturdy and protective while offering a clear view of your product.

Works best with:

  • Wax
  • Crumble
  • Budder
  • Moonrocks
5ml Premium (Beveled Bottom) Screw Top Concentrate Container
5ml Square Screw Top Concentrate Container
5ml Clear Screw Top Polystyrene Concentrate Container


If your extracts are super sticky, go with silicone.  The non-stick nature of silicone makes packaging easy.  Word of the wise: you may want to avoid silicone if you use a butane extraction method. Using silicone containers to store products derived through butane-based extraction processes is not recommended as the two materials are considered incompatible.

Works best with:

  • Wax
  • Crumble
  • Budder
5ml Silicone Concentrate Container
7ml Silicone Concentrate Container

Polystyrene With Silicone Insert

Want the clarity and rigidity of polystyrene but the ease of silicone?  Our polystyrene option with a silicone insert gives you the best of both worlds. These durable containers are non-stick and feature a clear cap for viewing your product.

Works best with:

  • Wax
  • Crumble
  • Budder
5ml Polystyrene Screw Top Concentrate Container w/ Silicone Insert

Coin Envelopes

Coin envelopes are a simple and affordable packaging solution.  Use our parchment paper squares to fold up your product and slide it into the envelope.

Works best with:

  • Shatter
  • Rosin
Kraft Paper Coin Envelopes
Black Paper Coin Envelopes
White Parchment Paper Squares w/ Silicone Coating

Slider Tins

Slider tins are a unique option for packaging concentrates.  Simply slide the tin open and place your parchment-paper-wrapped product inside.  The top and bottom of the tin leaves plenty of room for branding and labeling.

Works best with:

  • Shatter
  • Rosin
Large Tin Slider Concentrate Container
White Parchment Paper Squares w/ Silicone Coating


Syringes are perfect for packaging and dispensing oils.  Use the easy-to-read markings to package up to 3mls of product.  Add a cap to seal oils in place and prevent leakage.  The needle tip option is ideal for precision application.  Once you fill the syringe and add the cap, use a barrier bag to package individual syringes.

Works best with:

  • Oil
3ml Luer Lock Concentrate Syringe
Syringe Seal Cap
16 Gauge Needle Syringe Tip
White/Clear Syringe Barrier Bags


Branding in the cannabis industry has never been more important.  As more states legalize adult-use cannabis, more companies enter the marketplace.  As a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure your brand is known.  Custom packaging is imperative to the success of your brand.  Kush Bottles offers an array of customizable options for every budget and project.  Check out our custom design site to get inspired and submit inquiries.

Custom Coin Envelopes
Custom Concentrate Containers
Custom Slider Tins

BudGloves: The Official Glove of the Cannabis Industry

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We’re thrilled to announce our newest product: BudGloves.

These nitrile gloves have been designed specifically for handling cannabis plants, extracts and other products.  They’re powderless, non-stick, food safe, and manufactured to meet industrial-grade standards.

To learn more, check out the article BudGloves Makes Handling Cannabis Safer, featured in the Cannabis Industry Journal.

New Arrival: 10″ Bent Mouth Votrex Oil Rig

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Looking for an eye-catching yet effective concentrate pipe?  Check out our newest arrival: the 10″ Bent Mouth Vortex Oil Rig.  Mesmerize your guests with a tornado of smoke as you hit this vortex oil rig.

Pick up this beauty for as low as $24.99!

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Love the style of this rig, but not a fan of a vortex perc?  This style also comes in a honeycomb percolator!

Pick one up for as low as $24.99!

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Kush Bottles Offers up to $500,000 in The Next Big Cannabis Venture Contest

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Do you have the next big idea that could revolutionize the cannabis industry?  Apply for our contest, The Next Big Cannabis Venture! 

We’re encouraging entrepreneurs to submit cannabis-focused business ideas for their chance to win a prize worth up to $500,000.

The Next Big Cannabis Venture contest is seeking a product, invention, idea or service that can be marketed to the cannabis industry nationwide. Business owners and individuals are encouraged to apply. Video submissions will be accepted beginning May 20, 2016.

Finalists will be selected this summer, and according to the terms and conditions in the official rules, could receive up to $100,000 in stock options, for an individual, or up to $500,000 in stock, for a company.

Our goal with this contest is to excite creativity and identify the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in the industry, whose winning idea we hope to take to the next level using Kush Bottles’ resources.

Submissions can be made beginning May 20, 2016 at and should include a 90 second video explaining the product, service or business idea aimed at serving the cannabis industry.

To watch the contest video and for a complete list of rules, limitations and restrictions, please visit Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Must be 21 years or older. Some restrictions apply.

Bringing the Smoke Shop In-House: A Guide to Choosing a Glass Supplier

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Kush Bottles glass display with hand pipes

Anyone that has bought glass from tobacco smoke shops or other suppliers can attest that it’s not always the best buying experience—the prices can be high, employees are not always educated about the products, and buying in bulk can be quite difficult.  Finding the right partner for your glass business can be challenging.  Here’s our tips on how to choose the right water pipe supplier:


Glass suppliers seem to pop up and disappear frequently.  Look for a supplier that has experience in the industry.  Longevity is an important aspect when choosing a partner.


Look for a supplier that has consistent inventory.  Some suppliers have difficulty keeping items in stock.  A consistent supply of inventory will help establish a thriving partnership.

A true partnership

It can be difficult to find a supplier that has your best interests in mind.  Some suppliers only care about their bottom line, and don’t put much effort into encouraging the success of your glass business.  At Kush Bottles, we want to make sure your glass program is a success.  We understand that your success is mutually beneficial.

Why should you choose Kush Bottles as your glass supplier?


One of the perks of the Kush Bottles glass program is our ability to provide a full-service set up.  We offer an array of display cases and we can help you pick one that will meet your specific needs.  Our glass experts can assist with planning and implementation.

Complimentary glass consultation

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a glass program is deciding which products to bring on.  We customize each program based on your customer profile.  We gather data on buying patterns for different locations, so we can help you make informed product decisions.  We carry a range of products at all price points.


Our team is fully- equipped to educate you on the selling points of each piece.  We make it our priority to provide you with all the information you need to have a successful program.

Focus on quality

We’ve made substantial efforts to make a quality glass program for our customers.  Our high quality control standards and convenient packaging make our program the ideal choice for any business owner.


*Some states have regulations that limit the sale of certain products.  Please be aware of your state’s regulations and how they affect your ability to sell the products mentioned in this article. 

*All products mentioned in this article are intended for tobacco-use only.