710 Essentials

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Recently concentrates and oils have risen in popularity, which has given us reason to celebrate with another stoner holiday. July 10th, or 710 upside down spells that word “OIL.” The cannabis community has come together to recognize this date as “Dab Day,” celebrating all things concentrate and oil related.

We at Kush Bottles, have put together our 710 Buyer’s Guide which provides you with all the essentials to get you through the 710 holiday. From packaging to torches, to dabbers, to carb caps, to bangers, to tasters, to pipes and terpenes – we have got you covered!

Check it out!

Click here to see more of our 710 Buyer’s Guide

Our Top 5 Products To Get You Through Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial day is almost here and Kush Bottles has your top 5 products to get you through the holiday weekend. From glass flower pipes to concentrate rigs we have you covered!

16″ America Groovy Grip Water Pipe

This American-made water pipe’s diffused downstem filters while the ice catch ensures a cool hit on those hot summer days. This heavy piece has an extra thick base for stability.

$34.99/per item

2.5 – 3″ Assorted Frit Dichro Hand Pipe

These pipes may be small, but they pack a punch on your shelves with their dichroic glass stripe. They come in assorted fritted colors with a fun metallic dichro stripe.

As low as $3.99/per 2 items

4.5″ Assorted Hammer Bubbler

These bubblers make the perfect addition to any sunny day. The hammer style is smaller than most bubblers, but still gives a smoother hit than standard hand pipes.

As low as $3.99/per item

5.5″ GRAV ™ Double-Layer Circuit Rig

Designed by Turbo, the circuit is a portable piece with a directional direct inject diffuser that creates a whirlwind of smoke every dab connoisseur will love.

$39.99/per item

BIG Roll-Uh-Bowl Water Pipe

This silicone water pipe folds neatly in half, forming 2 compartments to store your bowl piece and downstem in. Use the rubber band to secure items in place. Go ahead, take a hike and take a toke!

As low as $22.49/per item

Our Top Ways to Package Shatter

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Shatter Packaging

Paper, plastic or tin—Kush Bottles has shatter packaging solutions for everyone. With options at varying price points, you’re sure to find the right match for your budget and brand. Don’t forget the parchment paper!

Coin Envelopes

Coin envelopes are an affordable and highly brandable option for packaging shatter, rosin, or other pressed extracts. Available in black or kraft–or go with a custom option!

Shatter Case

Our shatter case is perfect for packaging up to 1 gram of concentrate. This slim plastic case is crafted with a hinge mechanism, making opening and closing simple and quick.

Shatter Case

Slider Tin

Looking for a high-end and unique way to package extracts? Our tin sliders offer just that. These durable tins are perfect for shatter or rosin and have tons of brandable space.

Tin Slider

Parchment Paper

Don’t forget to pick up the parchment paper!

Parchment Paper 4x4
Parchment Paper 16x24


Branding in the cannabis industry has never been more important.  As more states legalize adult-use cannabis, more companies enter the marketplace.  As a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure your brand is known.  Custom packaging is imperative to the success of your brand.  Kush Bottles offers an array of customizable options for every budget and project.  Check out our custom design site to get inspired and submit inquiries.

Custom Coin Envelopes
Custom Concentrate Containers
Custom Slider Tins

Custom Packaging from Coast to Coast

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Kush Bottles delivers high quality custom packaging from coast to coast. Let our team of design experts develop your brand–from logo creation to curating a full line of custom packaging solutions. Affordable design rates, fast turn-around times, and a variety of packaging options has made Kush Bottles the packaging partner to some of the biggest names in the industry.