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April 2014

The Origin of 420 Told in Less Than 420 Words

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4:20 photo for kush bottle blog child resistant philips rx bottlesIn 1971 a group of five students from San Rafael High School got wind that there was a marijuana plant unattended near a Point Reyes Coast Guard station. Hyped about the opportunity to get some free weed, they decided to check it out. Every day at 4:20 they met outside their school to go hunt for the good stuff and although they never found it, the term 420 stuck as their secret lingo for pot.

So how did the term catch on? That summer, the boys spent a lot of time around The Grateful Dead, thanks to one of their dads who was a real estate agent for the band. They  would smoke and listen The Dead’s rehearsals, occasionally referring to their pot as 420. The Dead thought it was catchy and as they toured in the ‘70s and ‘80s, they used the term around their fans. High Times, the magazine, really globalized it though by mentioning 420 in their articles and on their website. April 20th thus became an “unofficial” holiday celebrated by marijuana users and those in support of legalizing weed.

Those of us at Kush Bottles will be celebrating the holiday out in Colorado this year. Where will you be? 

An Exclusive Interview with the CEO of Kush Bottles, Ben Wu

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kush bottles image for kush bottles blogQuestion: Hi Ben, weed like to know why you wanted to be the CEO of Kush Bottles?

Answer: Who wouldn’t want to be part of a young, fun and growing industry? I get to work with very creative people who bring their passion for the marijuana industry to the office every single day. I also get to travel across the country to meet and work with dedicated activists involved with the legalization movement. Most importantly, I love knowing that Kush Pop Top bottles are helping to protect children!

Question: Why should a dispensary choose Kush Bottles over another supplier in the industry? 

Answer: Our Philips Rx Pop Top bottles are the highest quality in the industry. They are made in the United States with FDA approved materials and are recyclable and BPA free. All of these bottles are certified to meet U.S. state and federal requirements for child-resistance. We also carry a full line of other packaging products including labels, concentrate containers, joint containers and tamper resistant seals, offering dispensaries a one-stop solution.

Question: How do you see Kush Bottles growing in the next few years? 

Answer: I see Kush at the forefront of the legalization movement, continuing to partner with growers, packagers and dispensaries in newly legalized states. We will remain committed to working closely with industry business owners, patients, customers, as well as regulators to ensure that the industry continues to thrive in a responsible manner. There are a lot of detractors of the industry constantly looking for a reason to halt legalization. Our goal is to not give those detractors a reason by protecting children (and the industry) from cases of accidental ingestion.

Question: Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun? 

Answer: I love what I do so much I’m rarely outside of the office. In those few moments I’m not working, I can be found carving up a mountain on my snowboard, paintballing, or trying any other sport that gets the adrenaline going.

Thanks, Ben! 

Have other questions for our CEO or want to know more about our Philips Rx Bottles? Please, feel free to contact us at (888) 920-5874. We’d love to help you out!