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October 2014

Top 5 Candies for Marijuana Supporters to Hand Out This Halloween

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good and plenty candy kush bottles1. Good and Plenty. This kinda describes where public opinion is headed in terms of supporting the legalization of marijuana. More Americans (52%) than not think pot should be legal—that’s plenty more than the 12% who favored it back in 1969.

2. Sugar Daddies. Kids love ‘em and they honor the sugar daddies who are helping fund the medial marijuana drives in states like Florida. Six figure checks have been rolling into People United for Medical Marijuana thanks to supporters who know the time has come to give people legal access.

3. Nerds. Marijuana—it’s not just for nerds anymore. Everyone is coming out of the closet to admit to “doing it” which explains why marijuana is the most commonly-used illicit drug in the United States.

4. Dum Dum Pops. These you save for the anti-legalization folks. Hopefully, if you live in the right neighborhood, you’ll have lots left over!

5. Smarties. Give everyone who is voting “yes” on a marijuana legalization initiative in your state one of these. Hopefully, you’ll run out! Any other candies you think should be included in this year’s trick-or-treat basket?



5 Cannabis Costumes That Will Make You The Toke Of The Town!

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Are you so passionate about marijuana legalization that you want to incorporate cannabis into your Halloween costume? It’s not too late to put together a “green” get-up! These cannabis costumes will make you the toke of your town!

Marijuana Leaf Halloween Costume1. A Marijuana Plant.




medical marijuana pharmacist2. A Medical Marijuana Pharmacist.




weed man3. The ultimate superhero: Weed Man! Ready to fight all battles related to marijuana legalization.



Women's Pot Weed Marijuana Print Costume4. Women’s marijuana leaf costume.




kush bottle tshirt for halloween costume5. A Kush Bottle! Purchase an authentic Kush Bottle t-shirt from the KB Consumer Shop and rock this poppin’ look!



If you do decide to bust out a cannabis costume at a Halloween party near you, send us a photo and we’ll share it! Happy Halloween from Kush Bottles!


How To Operate A Successful Medical Marijuana Dispensary (5 Key Tips!)

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records image for kush bottle blog1. Keep Records of EVERYTHING: In the medical marijuana industry, there’s no telling when an inspector might come knocking on your door. That’s why it’s important to keep records of everything and to track your products seed-t0-sale. Everything must be accounted for!

medical marijuana website for kush bottles2. Make Sure You Have a Great Website: A website that’s easy to navigate, that educates potential customers, and that clearly identifies your location is key. Ask yourself these important questions when creating your dispensary’s page. Can potential customers easily find out where our shop is located? Is our contact information simple to find? Do we have our store hours posted? Does our website look “legitimate?” Do we have an up-to-date About Us page? Do we offer something unique (i.e. an interesting blog, a mission statement, educational articles about marijuana. Looking for an example? Click here.

promotions image for kush bottles blog3. Offer Promotions: There’s nothing shoppers love more than a good deal. Make sure you are offering promotions to your customers often. A great way to display these promotions is on your social media sites. Connect with your customers. They will come back!

marijuana inventory for kush bottle blog4. Stay on Top of Inventory: Plan ahead and make sure you have the products you say you’re offering, available.


compliant kush bottles5. Stay Compliant: At Kush Bottles, we believe staying compliant is the biggest key to a dispensary’s success. If you’re unsure about the marijuana laws and regulations in your state, give us a call. We offer FREE consultations to dispensary owners and are well-versed in all the information you need to know to run your operation smoothly.

Look Who Has Discovered the Secret to Changing People’s Views on Cannabis

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addey photo for kush bottlesPop sensation Addey Lane believes the answer to changing people’s perspective about marijuana is through song. Her pro cannabis hit, All For One, is raising awareness in the fight to legalize pot.If you listen to All for One it never once mentions marijuana, cannabis, weed, bud, or legalization,” she says. “I purposefully wrote it that way so that those who are in the cannabis industry and communities will know what it’s about, and appreciate it, but also so that those who are against cannabis don’t know what it’s about right away, and aren’t turned off.” Her strategy seems to be working so far. All For One already has thousands of views, many which have likely come from those opposed to cannabis legalization who simply stumbled upon her YouTube channel because of her pitch-perfect voice and catchy song titles.

Addey has a true passion for singing. Watch a couple seconds of any video on her YouTube channel and you’ll see that. But her passion for marijuana legalization is equally as strong. “My hope for All for One is that it will help to bring awareness to those who wouldn’t normally pay attention, giving them a different way of looking at things.” If people decide they’re opposed to marijuana legalization Addey doesn’t want it to be because they don’t have all the facts. She believes people should know the benefits of cannabis before writing it off as a “drug” or something “bad.”

We’re a fan of Addey’s song and definitely support her mission to raise awareness about marijuana legalization. Click here and check out the music video for yourself!

5 Reasons the Halloween Savings at Kush Bottles Are Spooktacular

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kush black large dram1. Now through Halloween we are offering up to 45% off on many of our most popular marijuana packaging products for both consumers and distributors.

2. If you’re a consumer, check out our specials like our Single Child Resistant 13 Dram Translucent Pop Tops for only 50 cents each (a savings of 49 cents!)

3. Looking for something larger? Stock up on assorted 60 Dram Single Child Resistant Pop Tops for 50 cents each (another 49 cent savings per container.)

4. If you’re a distributor, save 45% on a case of 7ml Screw Top Silicone Concentrate Containers at only $296.99 (regularly $549.99) or pocket an extra $13.00 when you buy a 100 piece box of 60 Dram Translucent Reverse Cap Vials for $19.99.

5. While you’re on our website, check out all our products. Even if they’re not on sale, they offer you the safety and quality that can keep you from getting spooked.

Hurry. These spooktacular savings are only good through Halloween!

Coming to a Ballot Near You: Marijuana Legalization

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marijuana election photoWe all know that the marijuana industry is a news-maker so landing on the cover of Time magazine should come as no surprise.

The topic? What’s at stake is the November elections. Voters will be weighing in on marijuana legislation in these jurisdictions:

Alaska Ballot Measure 2 Makes adult use of marijuana legal and provides for taxation and regulation of production, sales and use. Allows local government jurisdiction over marijuana operations.
Oregon Measure 91 Adds the control, regulation and taxation of recreational marijuana to its already medical marijuana program in place
Washington, DC Ballot Initiative 71 Legalizes possession of up to two ounces of marijuana for persons 21 and older as well as the growth of no more than six cannabis plants
Florida Amendment 2 Allows for medical marijuana
Maine Ballots in York, South Portland and Lewiston Voting on whether to legalize the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for adults
Michigan Eleven cities Voting on whether to decriminalize adult possession of small amounts of marijuana
New Mexico Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties Poling voters on whether further action should be taken to legalize the adult possession of small amounts of marijuana. Results are non-binding.
Guam Referendum Allows for medical marijuana dispensaries


Makes for an interesting election. Stay tuned, and if one of these jurisdictions is yours, get out and vote!

Top 10 List of Clever Medical Marijuana Dispensary Names

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name photo for kush bottle blog about dispensary namesWilliam Shakespeare asked it first: “What’s in a name?” Here at Kush Bottles, we think a lot rests in your company’s name which is why we picked one that tells you exactly what we do—provide packaging for the marijuana industry.

It’s also why we can appreciate a good name when we see it. And by good here, we mean clever. So we decided to come up with our own Top 10 List of Clever Medical Marijuana Dispensary Names to-date. See if you agree or feel free to add to the list!

It’s also why we can appreciate a good name when we see it. And by good here, we mean clever. So we decided to come up with our own Top 10 List of Clever Medical Marijuana Dispensary Names to-date. See if you agree or feel free to add to the list!

Pipe Dreams – Lincoln City, Oregon

Rip City Remedies – Portland, Oregon

The Health Joint – Denver, Colorado

Grateful Meds – Denver Colorado

High Country Healing – Silverthorne, Colorado

ReLeaf MM – Vancouver, Washington (deliveries only)

Fweedom Collective – Seattle, Washington

All Time High – Seattle, Washington

High Mileage (0 to 420 in 60 minutes) – Laguna Woods, California

WEEDeliver707 – Las Vegas, Nevada

And here’s a few we’d like to put up for consideration for any new entrepreneurs looking for a name:

Weed Like to Help

This Joint’s a Jumpin’