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June 2015

Here’s Why You Should Listen Up Even Though The Presidential Election is Still a Year Away

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election 2016In a recent interview on Face the Nation, potential presidential candidate Chris Christy, Governor of New Jersey, admitted that if he were president, he would uphold the federal prosecution of marijuana possession in states where it has been legalized.

Host John Dickerson asked, “So, if somebody is enjoying that now in your state, if you’re president, that is getting turned off? And Christie answered, “Correct.”

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has come out publicly saying that while she opposes legalizing marijuana, she supports states’ rights to make their own choices.

Marijuana is on the table for discussion this coming election and will be one of those issues that candidates will be asked about, quoted on and expected to debate.

With public opinion opposing federal enforcement of marijuana laws in states where it is legal, it’s easy to see how candidates will be tempted to doublespeak when it comes to explaining their view if theirs is in the minority. Maybe if we start listening now, we’ll be better able to determine whether candidates are telling voters the truth or telling them what they want to hear.