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July 2015

Stock Up On New Arrivals: Scorch Torches in Now!

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Want to torch your company’s last years sales? Stock your dispensary with smoking accessories that will fly off your shelves!

At Kush Bottles, we’re getting in new inventory all the time. From pipes and bongs, to child resistant packaging, to dab tools. Concentrate sales are skyrocketing! About forty percent of sales in the marijuana industry are now concentrate products. Be prepared to capitalize on this consumer trend by stocking up on superb dabbing accessories. This week, we’re featuring our small and large scorch torches. Get ’em before they’re gone!

small torch kush bottles dabbing accessory


Small Torch: ($12.00)

The RJ-210 Pro-Torch features an adjustable high BTU output flame. The body constructed of hi-tech polymers provides a sturdy yet lightweight feel and the internal brass and ceramic parts ensure precision operations and long life.


  • State of the art Waterproof Piezo Electronic Ignition system.
  • Up to 90 minutes use on each filling.
  • Powerful Wind-Resistant flame.
  • Compact size with ergonomic grip.
  • Child-resistant ignition for safety.
  • Flame adjustment for any size job.


  • Flame Temp: 1300 C (blue flame)
  • Fuel: Butane
  • Weight: 150g (empty)

torch kush bottles

Large Scorch Torch ($15.00)

Product Details:

  • Assorted Colors.
  • Size: 8″ Tall with Attachable Stand allows for Hand Free Operation.
  • Refills w/ Butane Lighter Gas Fluid – Auto Piezoelectric Ignition.
  • Powerful Blue Jet Flame, adjustable up to 5″ Long.
  • Professional Grade Butane Torch. Ergonomic Design.



Four Ways to Make Your Marijuana Dispensary Shelves Pop!

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kush bottles marijuana dispensary shelves
As the legal marijuana market continues to grow, so too does the number of MMJ dispensaries. Stand out among the competition and keep up appearances for Health Authority inspections with these four easy ways to make the shelves in your dispensary pop!

1. Customize your packaging: Not only will custom bottles, packaging, and supplies catch your customers’ eyes when they walk in, but they will also catch the eyes of potential customers after they’re bought and taken out. At Kush Bottles we can customize any product you sell: barrier bags, labels, tins, concentrate containers, lighters, cigar/pre-roll tubes, cigarette/pre-roll boxes, cardboard packaging, wax paper, and even specialty items like ice cream cartons.

2. Stock them with colorful bottles: According to Entrepreneur, color helps shape a brand’s personality. So choose colors that fit the personality of your store and stock your shelves with child-safe marijuana bottles that match that hue. At Kush Bottles, we sell bottles in a variety of colors and sizes that will pop for your customers (and for Health Authority inspectors). All of our bottles are child resistant and meet CPSC and FDA standards!

3. Showcase smoking accessories: Dispensary shelves are not just for displaying weed. Stock up on lighters, bongs, dab tools, rolling paper, glass products, and more and display those as well!

4. Light it up: Good lighting is key for any successful business but especially for those businesses in the marijuana industry. As marijuana transitions from an illegal substance to a legal one, dispensaries should help make customers feel safe and sure of their decision to buy marijuana. So light up your shelves. Let people see what it is they’re really buying!

Interested in making your dispensary shelves pop more than they already are? Give us a call. 888.920.5874. We would love to help you out!