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May 2016

BudGloves: The Official Glove of the Cannabis Industry

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We’re thrilled to announce our newest product: BudGloves.

These nitrile gloves have been designed specifically for handling cannabis plants, extracts and other products.  They’re powderless, non-stick, food safe, and manufactured to meet industrial-grade standards.

To learn more, check out the article BudGloves Makes Handling Cannabis Safer, featured in the Cannabis Industry Journal.

New Arrival: 10″ Bent Mouth Votrex Oil Rig

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Looking for an eye-catching yet effective concentrate pipe?  Check out our newest arrival: the 10″ Bent Mouth Vortex Oil Rig.  Mesmerize your guests with a tornado of smoke as you hit this vortex oil rig.

Pick up this beauty for as low as $24.99!

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Love the style of this rig, but not a fan of a vortex perc?  This style also comes in a honeycomb percolator!

Pick one up for as low as $24.99!

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