Top 5 Things to Know About the New OLCC Packaging and Labeling Rules

By July 5, 2016Blogs

On June 16th, 2016 the Oregon Liquor Control Commission adopted new rules for recreational and medical cannabis.  Here’s our top 5 things you should know about the new packaging and labeling rules in Oregon:

1. Packaging cannot be attractive to minors

What exactly does this mean?  The OLCC specifies you must avoid cartoons, any design/brand/name that resembles a non-cannabis product that is typically marketed to minors, symbols or celebrities that are used to market to minors, and images of minors.

2. Packaging must be child-resistant

The OLCC states your products must be packaged in a container that is child-resistant as certified by a qualified third party child-resistant package testing firm.

3. The OLCC may require proof of child-resistant certification

The new rules state you must provide proof of child-resistant testing to the OLCC if requested.  Be sure to chose a packaging provider that has documentation of child resistant testing that is performed in accordance with 16 CFR 1700.

4. Packaging for concentrates/edibles/topicals may need to be resealable

If your concentrate or cannabinoid product (edibles/topicals, as defined by the OLCC) contains more than a single serving, it must be packaged in a container or placed in an exit package that is capable of being resealed and made child-resistant again after it has been opened.

Packaging solutions such as pop top bottles, or reverse cap bottles would be ideal for packaging multi-serving products due to the ability to be resealed and made child-resistant again after opening.  Products such as barrier bags, or concentrate containers would need to be placed into a resealable child-resistant exit package to remain compliant under the new rules.

5. Packaging and labeling must be reviewed and approved by the OLCC

If you hold a Producer, Processor, Wholesale, or Retailer license and are packaging and/or labeling products for sale to a consumer, you must receive approval from the OLCC prior to selling your products.

To begin the approval process you must submit an application to the OLCC.  The OLCC will begin accepting applications on August 1st via an improved packaging and labeling applications system.

If you would like a copy of the new rules or need help finding a compliant packaging solution, please contact us at or give us a call at 888-920-5874.  Kush Bottles specializes in branded, child-resistant certified packaging solutions and works collaboratively with the OLCC as a member of its Advisory Committee on Packaging.

To learn more about the packaging and labeling rules, attend an OLCC workshop.  The OLCC will provide a series of workshops across the state of Oregon to provide recreational marijuana licensees and medical marijuana registrants information on new guidelines for packaging and labeling.

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