Our Top 5 Products To Get You Through Memorial Day Weekend

By May 25, 2017Blogs

Memorial day is almost here and Kush Bottles has your top 5 products to get you through the holiday weekend. From glass flower pipes to concentrate rigs we have you covered!

16″ America Groovy Grip Water Pipe

This American-made water pipe’s diffused downstem filters while the ice catch ensures a cool hit on those hot summer days. This heavy piece has an extra thick base for stability.

$34.99/per item

2.5 – 3″ Assorted Frit Dichro Hand Pipe

These pipes may be small, but they pack a punch on your shelves with their dichroic glass stripe. They come in assorted fritted colors with a fun metallic dichro stripe.

As low as $3.99/per 2 items

4.5″ Assorted Hammer Bubbler

These bubblers make the perfect addition to any sunny day. The hammer style is smaller than most bubblers, but still gives a smoother hit than standard hand pipes.

As low as $3.99/per item

5.5″ GRAV ™ Double-Layer Circuit Rig

Designed by Turbo, the circuit is a portable piece with a directional direct inject diffuser that creates a whirlwind of smoke every dab connoisseur will love.

$39.99/per item

BIG Roll-Uh-Bowl Water Pipe

This silicone water pipe folds neatly in half, forming 2 compartments to store your bowl piece and downstem in. Use the rubber band to secure items in place. Go ahead, take a hike and take a toke!

As low as $22.49/per item

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