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Pipe it Up in the New Year With These New Arrivals

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Make all your pipe dreams come true by stocking up on our newest arrivals: unique concentrate and hand pipes.

Showerhead Fixed Honey Bucket Rig

showerhead fixed honey bucket rig

Concentrate pipe featuring showerhead percolator and fixed quartz honey bucket swing arm design.

As low as $40.00

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4″ Frit Inside Coil

frit inside

Unique hand pipes with awesome designs that come in assortments of colors.

As low as $4.75 each.

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New Arrivals: CRREO Child Resistant Opaque Bags and Marble Bubblers

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New high-quality exit packaging in this week as well as unique bubblers to stock up on for the holidays.

CRREO ATSM Child Resistant White Opaque Bag Small (8.5″ x 6″)

child resistant white opaque bag

This new and improved ATSM certified CRREO child resistant exit bag is re-sealable, smell-proof, opaque, and white in color. 

As low as $1.25 each. 

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8″ Assorted Color Marble Bubbler

color marble bubbler

Thick glass bubbler with unique design.

As low as $11.00

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New Arrivals: Holiday Bottle Wraps and Polystyrene Screw Top Concentrate Containers

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Ready for the holidays? New arrivals to get you and your customers in the holiday spirit!

Holiday Bottle Wraps for Pop-Tops

holiday bottle wraps

Add a little spirit to pop-top bottles before sending home with customers! Simply fold holiday wrap over top of bottle and lock sides together using built-in locking mechanism.

As low as $0.10 each.

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Polystyrene Screw Top Concentrate Container w/ Silicone Insert

Polystyrene Screw Top Concentrate Container

Concentrate containers that offer the best of both worlds with rigidity and clarity of polystyrene and non-stick silicone lining.

As low as $0.25 each.

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New Arrivals: Frosted Chubblers and Birdcage Water Pipes

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6″ Sandblasted Stand Up Chubbler 2.0

stand up chubbler
Hand pipe bubblers designed to hold water, filtrate smoke and conveniently fit in your pocket. Unique shape makes for ideal hit. 

As low as $9.75

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12.5″ Birdcage Perc with Vortex Splash Guard

Introducing new percolator technology: the birdcage perc water pipe. 

As low as $45.00

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As always, visit to view all the new arrivals.

New Arrivals: Portable Water Pipes and Digital Pocket Scales

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One-of-a-kind products in this week as well as collective classics you can never have enough of!


Introducing the premier on-the-go water pipe, perfect for the adventurer and outdoor enthusiast: portable, foldable, and indestructible. 



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WeighMax HD Series Digital Pocket Scale

digital pocket scale

The perfect scale for your collective: large, stainless steel platform, concise calibration function, luminescent backlight.


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Visit for a full list of our products.

New Arrivals: Digital Pocket Scales and Compliant Packaging Sample Packs

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Try it before you buy it: compliant packaging sample packs with voucher coupons are in this week along with digital pocket scales.

WeightMax Dream Series Digital Pocket Scale


The perfect scale for your collective: compact, easy calibration, auto shut-off, large backlight, 10 yr. warranty.

As low as $10.00 each. 

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Compliant Packaging Sample Packs


Barrier bags, pop top bottles, concentrate containers, and pre-roll tubes are all included in this sample pack.

Purchase for $10.00, receive $10.00 credit towards a future order.   

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Interested in seeing more of our products? Check out our website to view them all!