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5 Ways Marijuana Sales in Colorado Are Giving New Meaning to the Word, “Green”

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image courtesy of gubgib greenGREEN RUSH. Move over history books. Expect a new entry behind the California Gold Rush.

THE GRASS IS GREENER. The grass may not be greener in Colorado but it is legal which makes it look a whole lot more attractive.

JOLLY GREEN GIANT. If sales keep going the way they are, Colorado may want to see if they can borrow General Mills’ mascot and rewrite the jingle to say, “In the mountains of the Jolly, ‘High, High, High,’ Green Giant.”

GREEN LIGHT. While Colorado (and Washington) voters gave the green light to recreational marijuana legalization, the rest of the country is stuck in red light mode. Who’s having more fun?

SEEING GREEN.Looks like a lot of folks in Colorado will be seeing green of either the organic type or the monetary type: recreational pot users, medical marijuana patients, dispensaries and government coffers. And until the banking system figures things out, that green is going to be in cash.

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