BudGloves: The Official Glove of the Cannabis Industry

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We’re thrilled to announce our newest product: BudGloves.

These nitrile gloves have been designed specifically for handling cannabis plants, extracts and other products.  They’re powderless, non-stick, food safe, and manufactured to meet industrial-grade standards.

To learn more, check out the article BudGloves Makes Handling Cannabis Safer, featured in the Cannabis Industry Journal.

New Arrival: 10″ Bent Mouth Votrex Oil Rig

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Looking for an eye-catching yet effective concentrate pipe?  Check out our newest arrival: the 10″ Bent Mouth Vortex Oil Rig.  Mesmerize your guests with a tornado of smoke as you hit this vortex oil rig.

Pick up this beauty for as low as $24.99!

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Love the style of this rig, but not a fan of a vortex perc?  This style also comes in a honeycomb percolator!

Pick one up for as low as $24.99!

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New Arrivals: Frosted Chubblers and Birdcage Water Pipes

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6″ Sandblasted Stand Up Chubbler 2.0

stand up chubbler
Hand pipe bubblers designed to hold water, filtrate smoke and conveniently fit in your pocket. Unique shape makes for ideal hit. 

As low as $9.75

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12.5″ Birdcage Perc with Vortex Splash Guard

Introducing new percolator technology: the birdcage perc water pipe. 

As low as $45.00

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As always, visit to view all the new arrivals.